Sustainability Ethos

Protecting the world for future generations.

Our Sustainability Ethos

The state of electronics recycling is currently putting future generations in the firing line of a technological and ecological disaster. The facts need to be understood and the industry needs to come together to address it!

For many, what is said and what is the reality about the ewaste problem is worlds apart. People need to understand what the current climate looks like for the electronics industry, but more importantly, we need to embrace the solution to the issues we face or otherwise, we will continue down the route to the point of no return.

As a manufacturer, we know how crucial our role is in reducing waste and extending the economic and physical life of electronic products, as well as the ability for them to be repaired, recycled, and reused. 

If we continue to develop technology at the rate we are able to, and continue with the linear new-for-old way of life, then our future generations will suffer. Our children and grandchildren will not benefit from advancing technology because they cannot have what they cannot make. We have revolved around this current cycle of upgrading to the latest version for far too long and it is not sustainable for the planet or our children.

This is what drove us to develop our ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ technology, a way for us to protect future generations by inspiring sustainable electronics and we keep this at the heart of everything we do.


As consumer needs and demands change and technology rapidly evolves, our investment in our people is paramount. Our best ideas are often discovered and driven through encouraging company-wide collaboration.

We work together to identify and develop new technologies and processes, cognisant that we must protect our planet for future generations to come.


We firmly beleive that nothing is impossible, which drives our continued commitment to providing materials, design models, and manufacturing methodologies that allow a truly circular economy and deliver a positive impact towards achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions


Protecting our planet is our collective responsibility, we only have one and it does not have the time to wait while we plan.

When it comes to sustainability, our people do not think, they act! We are proud to have such a wonderful team who continually strive to do the right thing and ensure our children, and theirs, inherit the world we want them to have. 

Our priority action areas

Circular solutions

Circularity is the only way forward. Our products are designed and manufactured with our commitment to providing materials, design models, and manufacturing methodologies, that allow a truly circular economy due to our recovery of undamaged and reusable components.

Low energy processes

Our technology saves 27.9Bn tonnes of C02e per year if just 10% of PCBAs are manufactured with ReUSE®. The process in which the PCBAs are returned back to the original bill of materials is ultra-low energy and brings big value to EOL electronics across the supply chain.

Commercial Opportunity

The ability to gain undamaged and uncontaminated components for second-life use means they are both carbon-free and zero-cost. This shifts the paradigm of electronics recycling and facilitates a positive cash flow for the entire supply chain.


ReUSE® is compatible with traditional substrates such as FR4, and other rigid and flexible alternatives, including In2tec's Flexi-hibrid™ technology. Full sustainability is the nirvana but significant steps can be made today with the materials and processes currently used.

Leadership in sustainability

Highly recyclable and reusable electronic circuit board assemblies is the only route for the electronics industry.

We believe ReUSE® and ReCYCLE™ is the paradigm shift the world is calling for.

As the leader in the field of sustainable electronics it is our duty to educate and work with manufacturers around the globe to implement this technology across their facilities.


We are continuously working to improve and lead the way for the electronics market.

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