We Protect the World for Future Generations by inspiring Sustainable Electronics

Sustainable Electronics

The depletion of finite resources and the output of emissions associated with manufacturing processes is a fundamental concern when we are in a great era of technological advancement. Technology enriches our lives from travel, to keeping connected, and to advance life-saving medical treatment.

The issue is very clear. If we continue to develop technology at the rate we are able to, and continue with the linear new-for-old way of life, then our future generations will suffer. Our children and grandchildren will not benefit from advancing technology because they cannot have what they cannot make. We have revolved around this current cycle of upgrading to the latest version for far too long and it is not sustainable for the planet or our children.

To see fundamental change we must not only see improvements in the materials we use, but we need a paradigm shift in the process to manufacture, and crucially, implement an industry ecosystem that delivers end-of-life reusability and environmentally safe disposal.

We cannot and must not forget this.

Together, we can raise the benchmark for sustainable electronics and make a lasting impact. We can change the outcomes for our children and our planet.

Flexi-hibrid™ Technology

Our pioneering in the field of Flexi-hibrid™ Technology has delivered innovative solutions in Smart HMI and Sustainable Electronics for over 25 years.


Inspiring Technology

Technology demonstrators showcasing our capabilities in Flexi-hibrid™ electronics.

Steering Wheel

Improved ergonomics provides driver access to information and control functions, presented with smart illumination and secret-til-lit capacitive and haptic technologies, giving the required functionality on a perceived clutter-free wheel.

In2tec Smart Keyfob

Our conductive contouring technology provides designers with the ability to form the circuit to the shape of the product. This systematically creates product advantages in shape, weight, space, and overall cost, producing 3D complex curved conductive circuit substrates that break down design barriers.

Flexible Electronics

Our R&D investment brings unique capabilities in accurate placement of fine pitch components, delivering world-leading integration opportunities for flexible electronics.

In2sense 3D

In2Sense-3D solutions combine style and functionality with significant size and weight reductions. Only possible by forming the electronics, sensors, and interfaces to flow seamlessly across the contoured surfaces of the real-estate in which they must operate.

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